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Every student should know that student handbooks represent contracts between students and their schools. If they do not follow them they can be liable for breach of contract. That being said, when I mention breach, I am referring to the Code of Conduct and also federal laws such as ADA and Title IX procedures. The College of Coastal Georgia has ruined my life under the advisement of the USG, they have not even remotely adhered to their own Rules.

The College of Coastal Georgia and USG has breached both written and implied contractual agreements in a civil conspiracy. I have made every effort to resolve matters and they have ignored every one while pushing me to the point of dropping out of college and leaving my job. I had to make a hardship withdraw due to the harassment. My education and my life have been ruined to the point that I have to relocate. I do not have what I paid for, a degree in biology. I was a 3.4 student.

During the past year of being harassed by CCGA, I have suffered at least $32,000 in monetary losses alone, they have altered my course in life, my transcript is a mess and so is my financial aid. I am having issues getting in to another college and my aid budget is screwed up to the point that I will not be able to afford to finish. They have not shown any desire to even talk about it let alone make good. I need to be restored to the position that I was in before the breach, immediately. I can’t wait through 5 years of litigation, to finish my degree and repair my reputation.

I have found myself in a really horrible place as a result of the actions of the following people: Micheal Butcher (Dean of Students), Jennifer Zak (LD councilor), Jason Umfress (Vice Pres.), Greg Aloia (President), Floyd Phoenix (Former Title IX), Kimberly Ballard (USG lawyer) and Hank Huckaby (Chancellor).

While I have major issues with the administration at The College of Coastal Georgia and with the USG monster, I respect the importance and role of small colleges such as CCGA, I do not wish to bring harm to the college but I have to do whatever I can to put a stop to or at least forewarn others of the unethical behavior that is apparent at CCGA. There are a few good professors there, who try hard but feel the wrath of the mismanagement. They are as frustrated with it as I am. They supported me in my advocacy as a student and an employee, until the admin bullied them along with my coworkers too. They used them as a tool in order to run me off. I do not want this to happen to another student.

CCGA has slandered me and defamed me, as a student and an employee. They created a hostile environment that has hindered me from transferring out. I have received disparate treatment from financial aid. There are many witnesses but only a few will testify out of fear. They have done this to other students along with faculty at other USG schools.

This student got expelled for protesting a parking garage, the extent that the USG went to fight against his rights is unbelievable:

These people have ruined my life and have a track record of doing so. I have been speaking with other students at other USG colleges who are and have been in legal battles with USG over very similar breaches. We are analyzing their tactics in suppressing our voices. There are patterns in their ways. They do not act as a nonprofit as they legally should. This is no joke. Check out this link:

These people do not give a ***, big or small, they will mow you over. They are the *** of the Earth in my opinion.

In effort to protect the individuals who support me, I am not going to include my full statement. It is really long anyway. If they continue to be unresponsive to my complaints, I am going to start releasing more information on not only my breach of contract but also breaches against other students. I worked at CCGA for three years, I have knowledge, evidence and statements depicting several other scandals that have occurred and continue to occur.

I have attaché a few excerpts, depicting the length I went in order to have my concerns addressed in order to restore an environment conducive to learning, followed by Jason Umfress going to great length in order to suppress my appeal of his fraudulent investigation.

This debacle has cost me dearly and it should have never come to this. A simple "sorry" would have been an ample resolution at one time. This is my last effort in opening a conversation between CCGA and myself before I pursue other methods of justice. My evidence has been confirmed and there are people who are tired of seeing the treatment that I have experienced.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $92000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Corrupt administration.

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Newell, North Carolina, United States #1234109

My comment is above this one, you should read it if you get a chance because I know your type and I know exactly what that school thinks about it from years of experience. They think you're extremely unstable grade A pain in the ***. I'm betting you put yourself into this situation and refuse to accept responsibility

Christy D. Smith
Newell, North Carolina, United States #1234108

There are no attachments that were claimed to be on here but this gives me great pause because I've worked in Admissions, Accounting and Financial Aid at Art Institute of Charlotte (who basically rob the students blind, it should never cost $90K for a Bachelors at a place where the credits don't transfer.Faux College is what I call these types of schools).

Anytime we had a student who decided it was everybody's fault they aren't doing well or they haven't been responsible when it comes to FAFSA it's usually from the most obnoxious of students who wants you to go against policy and when the school doesn't they start screaming threatening that they'll sue.

The fact that this person claims defamation to the point of having to move makes this a tale tell sign that the student is largely responsible for the situation and is overly paranoid thinking everybody is talking about her.In a nutshell experience has told me that the above is most likely BS and this is her way of acting out because she thinks it'll affect the school.


I mentioned why I didn't, I am trying to protect the anonymity of others.I will elaborate further in the future.

I expect some form of retaliation from The USG and I am not trying to drag anybody else into it.

It is hard to explain but my issues are not with the initial incident but there are major problems with the way it was handled and the corruption that backed it.

It has become a national epidemic.

This group has not endorsed my comments but I am working with this group:


In this whole report you never once mentioned what happened.

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